Andew Hunter

I have spent my working life as an Art director and Creative Director in graphic design consultancy. I was born in Edinburgh and studied at the College of Art.

My client list is international and local you are as likely to find my work in a village shop as in a city boardroom. My design work is to be seen across Scotland raising the profile of communities as well as creating visual emphasis for food and book festivals to encourage tourism.

Painting allows me freedom of expression, I live in Scotland and find the changing light and drama of the landscape inspiring. I try to capture this in oil and watercolour to create something memorable and individual. My subject matter is in the Highlands and also on the West Coast where the sea adds another dimension and colour palette. In summer 2013, I joined a group of artists in Russia and from the Baltic countries, Finland, France and Germany to paint en Plein Air , south of St Petersburg which was an amazing experience.

I like to work with a limited palette of colour which to my mind enhances the atmosphere I aim to capture. Blues ,greys and tertiary hues are my current favourites, but  I review this depending on the subject..

I constantly experiment with my work to capture that elusive atmosphere. My design background influences my choice of subject, I like to find the essence be it the structure of the landscape the clouds, and other  iconic elements  which provide an anchor for the final composition. I also paint still life and have a particular love of painting shellfish (as well as eating them)!

The curious fowl in my garden make me laugh and I also capture these in paint applied to different materials including Oak wood blocks. These have found themselves homes in kitchens all over the country bringing a smile to cooks and all! They also come in cards and prints.

I exhibit in galleries and art events across Scotland.

Some of the work shown here is sold but I am happy to take on commissions.

I have Giclee prints of some of my West Coast landscapes and my curious fish and the Lobster.